A downloadable game for Linux

This is µCity Advance (also spelled 'uCity', pronounced 'micro-city'), the open-source city-building game for Game Boy Advance. This is a remake of the original µCity for Game Boy Color.

This game is completely free. Just download the ROM, install a Game Boy Advance emulator, and play! The last release of the game should be here:


You can also play on real hardware. Even though the game has been developed using mainly emulators, it has been verified to work on hardware.

Also, there is a precompiled Linux binary attached to this page, and it should also be available in the GitHub releases page.

You can also play in your browser here: https://hh.gbdev.io/game/ucity-advance

The source code is also publicly available: https://github.com/AntonioND/ucity-advance/

Install instructions

- GBA: Download the GBA ROM. You need a GBA emulator like mGBA, or a flashcart and a real GBA.

- Linux: There is a native Linux build of the game. Download the compressed archive and decompress it to a folder. You need to have libsdl2.0 and libpng in your system. Simply run the executable "ucity-advance".

- Others: You can play in your browser here: https://hh.gbdev.io/game/ucity-advance


ucity-advance-v1.0.1.gba 1 MB
ucity-advance-v1.0.1.tar.gz 1 MB

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